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blogathon: my 5 best posts, according to my readers

a few weeks ago, i polled my readers what they thought were my best posts.  here is what they came up with: creativity: the murky mind ernesto cardenal: verses from the pluriverse recovering from anorexia: 10 activities a buddhist carnival sex trade workers and free will this is an entry for my participation in the… Continue reading blogathon: my 5 best posts, according to my readers


the other day, carol took a video of me babbling on about the mind of a blogger. that got me thinking. do i really want to frame everything in terms of blogging? is that the kind of world i want to inhabit? that was not one of those sneering hypothetical questions. (as in, “come on,… Continue reading changes

progressive dinner is served!

ok, here we go! the long awaited progressive dinner blog carnival! what’s a progressive dinner? you start out at one house or restaurant to have hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, then move on to a different one for appetizers, and continue moving from place to place all the way through dessert. our good man kilroy figured… Continue reading progressive dinner is served!