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anorexia and the six ways of the bodhisattva

on our somewhat eventful drive back from kelowna, i lost, for the second time, my copy of pema chodron’s the places that scare you. i think the little book fell out when i got out of the car after we had just ploughed into a snow bank in order to avoid a collision (don’t worry,… Continue reading anorexia and the six ways of the bodhisattva


there’s a new web site, prayer 2.0, with an interesting discussion regarding different ideas about prayer. my reply turned out to be quite long so i figured i’d simply post it here. one contributor said this, among other things: in my mind, “pray” is something you do when you don’t want to do anything yourself.… Continue reading prayer

time to eat or time to feel?

bad buddhist vs. the sixth precept is the title of a blog post by marie that was submitted to the last carnival of eating disorders. i was quite intrigued by it and would like to talk a bit more about it. buddhist precepts, says diane esshin rizzetto in waking up to what you do can… Continue reading time to eat or time to feel?

what’s your learning edge?

when i first received david’s invitation to participate in the meme with the name “what’s your learning edge?“, i thought, “oh, but i am constantly learning. i live and breathe learning!” and in a way, that’s true. i’m forever ferreting out new information, looking at things from a new perspective, and i always have a… Continue reading what’s your learning edge?

meditation stinks!

good headline, huh? i think it’s better than yahoo’s: “meditation won’t boost health: study” but basically i’ve done the same as yahoo: quickly scan an article, then write a pithy headline. does it reflect what actually happened? welllll …. when you take the time to read the yahoo article, you see that the researchers say… Continue reading meditation stinks!