Written By The Land

How does land communicate? The stream that tumbles down to the lake brings minerals and leaves and little water creatures and oxygen and so many other things, and each of them carry information. In this video, Lana Cullis invited me to explore with her and others how writers can be written by the land (instead of… Continue reading Written By The Land

9 keys to achieving your artistic goals? no! way more!

eric maisel’s new book making your creative mark promises nine keys to achieving your artistic goals. that’s a lie. the book literally chimes and jingles with keys. the last eleven pages alone has 99 of them, for example these 10: one of the best ways to help yourself create every day is to craft a starting… Continue reading 9 keys to achieving your artistic goals? no! way more!

full cup, thirsty spirit – a book about self care

it is important that we bow down to the breadth of our human experiences and to the larger mysteries that surround us. seeing beauty in the swirls of life’s busyness, making the most of what life brings our way, offering kindness to those around us, and being able to laugh from time to time. these… Continue reading full cup, thirsty spirit – a book about self care

personality tests

looking for a site with lots of personality tests? similar minds (link below) is not a bad resource for that. not only do you get the standard meyers briggs but also other ones. here you can see my cattell 16 PF result. the “16PF” refer to 16 personality traits. wikipedia will tell you lots more… Continue reading personality tests


yesterday we went car shopping. after driving the sixth test car, in which we were quite interested, the salesperson made us a very tempting offer. we did the rational thing and retired for a family powwow to a nearby fast food place. after briefly going through the pros and cons of another car that was… Continue reading decisions

christmas, sin and innocence

the christian story is one that keeps intriguing and baffling me. what is this thing that we’re celebrating today? in the mountainous region of the german speaking alps, where i grew up, the image of the naked little baby jesus in the manger is the predominant one for the christmas story. maybe this is one… Continue reading christmas, sin and innocence

tarot for beauty

tarot cards have interested me for quite a few years. i started playing around with using them for getting insight into situations back in 2005 but could never really get into it. i got some books and a few decks, but just like arthur rosengarten says in his fabulous book about tarot and psychology, like… Continue reading tarot for beauty

no promises, just a hope

my last blog post was over a year ago.  the hacker infestation wouldn’t go away, so i came up with the great plan of sticking my head in the sand.  foregoing procrastination, i executed that genius plan posthaste, with great success. and now i’m back, with the help of lorraine and catherine.  who knows for… Continue reading no promises, just a hope