granny post number 7: a name!

julian. it’s not quite clear what that name means. it could mean “downy-bearded”, or it could relate to the highest roman god, jupiter, the equivalent of the greek god zeus. whatever it is, it’s a darn good name. and the name of the baby-to-come! yes, we know the gender now! yesterday, i accompanied mindemoya on… Continue reading granny post number 7: a name!


there may not be any posts for the next few days – my daughter is in labour, the baby is on its way! yahoo!

granny countdown!

it was many, many years ago, just a bit after they invented the steam engine. march of 1980, to be precise. my 6-year-old son, my boyfriend and i were in a cab with maria gloria, an aging spanish actress who had worked under federico garcia llorca, going the 100 miles or so from santiago de… Continue reading granny countdown!