THE granny post!!!

julian-ap-07-small.jpgyup. that’s him. little julian. all 10 pds 10 oz, and 22″ of him! 33 days of on and off labour, 30 hours of final labour, and then he had to be hauled out via caesarian.

julian and both parents are happy and healthy.

the support and love from everyone was – oh, i don’t even have any words for it. one of my closest friends, who has spent the last few years in a very hard battle with cancer, was there through pretty much all of it. no matter that she can’t walk more than four blocks, but staying up for 30, 40 hours to be there for the birth – no problem. then there was my mother, who came all the way from germany, to hold the little great-grandson but once before she had to fly back home – but it was worth it, she says! i’m also so greatful to a whole bunch of blogging and twittering friends, who kept sending messages of friendship, cheer and support.

and here he is. little julian. life will never be the same again. and that’s good.

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