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  1. Mindi

    Hey, I’m curious on how you would address teaching abstinence in school, as well as how most sex ed courses in school fail to address gay, lesbian and transexual lifestyles. think you would be willing to write a blog about that?

  2. Trisha Gura

    My name is Trisha Gura and I am the author of the recent book, “Lying in Weight: the Hidden Epidemic of Eating Disorders in Adult Women.” (Harper Collins, May 2007). I noticed that you reviewed the book,”Gaining,” and wanted to add that there is more to eating disorders and adults than just relapsing when older.

    In my book, I answered the question, what happens to young girls with eaitng disorders when they grow up? At least 2/3 do not fully recover. They go on into marriage, pregnancy, parenting mid and late life with their eating problems. I looked at eating disorders at each of those life stages. I even interviewed the husbands and children of older women who are suffering. It seems that the stresses of each life transition ( as well as stresses like divorce, job change and relocation, push women over the edge, either forcing relapses or starting new eating disorders in adults for the first time. One women in my book acquired anorexia for the first time at the age of 68. Clearly she is not thinking about fashion.

    I hope we can move beyond just young girls and celebrities in our discussions of eating disorders. Because life goes on. And so the the eating problems. They just change their face a little, but stay on.

    Trisha Gura

  3. Farina Reinprecht


    I’ve been prompted to start my blog thanks to your frequent emails on blogging. Thank you.

    Search Grad.

  4. Astrid Lee, Reiki Master Teacher - WORLD HEALING BLOG


    This is one of the best blogs I’ve seen for quite some time. With your permission, I’m going to send some of my clients to your site, eg. to the article of the Open Heart, and the one on Trying vs. Allowing.

    These are exactly the kind of messages my clients need to hear, and you’ve managed to write oh so light and simple, but very to the point. This makes it both accessible to everyone, and useful for everyone.

    Hat off!

    Astrid Lee
    (not many blogs keep me up at 1 in the morning oh la la)…

  5. Becky Henry

    Came across your blog on the goole alerts list I receive regarding eating disorders articles. As someone else mentioned, this is fantastic! I will also be sending folks this way for answers. As a lifecoach specializing in helping families and their loved ones who are fighting EDs this is indeed encouraging news. One of the services I offer (this part is free) is directing people to therapists who actually have experience in helping people who have eating disorders so it is great to have one in Canada to refer people to now. I’ve recently added leading the EDEN curriculum of recovery for people who are fighting the ED’s and will also be leading their “Friends and Family” curriculum. As always I can do one on one coaching for either the individual (if they are in therapy and seeing a nutritionist) or coaching for the family/friends. What a great resource you are out there Mori, thanks! It takes a lot of caring people to help people to move beyond the ED’s grip.
    My Best~
    Becky Henry, CPCC

  6. Jennifer Mannion

    Hi Isabelle,
    Thanks so much for the comment on my blog. I have really enjoyed checking your blog out and will add the rss feed. Maybe we could do something together — I am trying to get out the word on healing pain naturally as I have and am lacking in knowledge of dependence vs. addiction and this comes up frequently since a lot of people in chronic pain are dependent on pain killers… I’d love to hear from you.

  7. Andy Pratt

    Hello Everyone

    I’m Andy Pratt. I was a pretty famous singer/songwriter in the 1970s. My song Avenging Annie was and still is widely known, if I just jog memories anyway. Please be blessed and enjoy my music too. You can find me on myspace – use the title andyprattrocks
    rock steady

  8. Andy Pratt

    I have had a lot of experience in therapy and also done pastoral counseling. At the age of sixty I think I can trust my own gut, as long as I realize it makes many mistakes too. God bless you all


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  10. Emily

    Hi, what is your 30-minute consultation all about? Your blog is really good to read right now. I am in the recovery stages of an eating disorder…sorta anorexia, mixed with major orthorexia (the healthy obsession). I am still a health nut, and quite frankly I see no reason to change that as long as I am getting enough. But is being a health nut an eating disorder in itself? Also, am I so screwed up relationship wise? Will I ever be able to get a man? What if I am a vegetarian? Men hate that?

  11. marie kennedy

    Thank you for your response to my statement regarding pain management and the doctor patient relationship. Although my comment was generally stated. It was an experience that i have had most recently. I have been demoralised by the experience and too afraid to seek treatment with my previouse primary doctor who was compassionate and kind(changes for insurance reasons) I do not want to be disrespectful or put her in any position but i would just like to say “that my attempts at another m.d. was not acceptable and leave it at that” It has been two weeks without medication and i think my will to stop taking them out of the grief will be surpassed by the reality of the pain i live in-Can you guide me at all?

  12. Paul Lamach

    Hello Isabella Mori,
    I was involved in the comments about using excel to make a list of comments. My name was IsMyLocationOnline. When I saw your comment I wanted to check out your site. Very Impressive. Looks like you’ve been doing it for a while.
    word vs excel. My thought on using excel was you could save the format, and then when you need to do it again just add the necessary columns. With word you would have to replace each and every time.
    Keep up the good work. I really like the look of your site.

    Paul Lamach’s last blog post..NFL Playoff Predictions

  13. rossano

    grazie Isabella per aver visitato sei una persona importante ed interesante da quanto sembra, averti sul blog dei mie ragazzi è un onore, io sono un loro insegnante.

  14. Evan

    Hi Isabella,

    I’m wondering if you would like to exchange guest posts on our blogs.

    I am hoping to launch a membership site from my blog in early October. I hope some post exchanges will help generate some buzz – and I hope this is a way that provides value rather than just being advertising.

    Hope you are having a good weekend.


  15. Michelle Clausius

    Hi Isabella,

    I enjoy your blog and I thought you might be interested in an article that appeared in the Globe & Mail yesterday about an effective mental health collaboration that is benefiting street youth.

    One of the young people interviewed, Nicole, has created an amazing reflection of her experience with mental health in a comic book format which doesn’t appear in the on-line edition but a piece of it does in the the print version; I have the full version here.

    Anyway, thought you’d be interested in this and some other initiatives (including eating disorder training) that are happening at Covenant House.



  16. isabella mori

    michelle, thanks for your comment! it means a lot to me that someone like you finds this blog useful.

    covenant house is an amazing program. i just saw a great little video about it. i’ll include your link in a little link post i’ll be putting up at in a few days.

  17. Jianrong Wang

    It is for three months that I have not vist your web.I like what you write here.I am a counseling psychologist for inmates in prison.Your articles here make me know some counseling psychological theories very well.Thank you very

  18. Alina Jacson

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  19. Donna Gabriel

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  20. casey

    Isabella, I just found a great topic you were doing in 2011 on healing from bad work experiences. I could really use some help in this area. My last boss was a tyrant that broke my spirit and I was eventually let go ( Thank God!) I have been out of work for over a year and whenever I get close to committing to a new job, I get very anxious and panic. I know I need to heal. All this to say that I could only find one post for this topic and then nothing else. Is it still in the works? Thanks.

  21. Sara Martín

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