frozen pea friday: poems about cancer

today friday, as usual, a post having to do with cancer. to finish off april, the poetry month, i’ll serve up three poems.

winter sun lace

the first one is one i wrote shortly before my friend nikaiah jaguar left us.

butterfly woman
your bones are so thin the moon shines through

some say
the moths are eating you
but we know
you are becoming one with the light.

here one by denise larrabee, from the cancer poetry project:

you are in my thoughts
are with you are part of
the ?prayer chain? at our
church will say a mass
for you accept all
prayers on your behalf we
will say a rosary for you
tonight lots of people
are calmly, psychically
cheering you on sunday
will light a candle for
you are in our thoughts
and prayers are being
said for you need all the
health karma there is a
candle lit for you in
front of my madonna has a
special place for young
women in trouble require
positive and healthy
energy to kiss someone
you love when you get
this letter and make

and lastly, one that has been floating around the web for a while, by an author whose name we don’t know. i found it at ma walking wolf:

what cancer cannot do

cancer is so limited…
it cannot cripple love
it cannot shatter hope
it cannot corrode faith
it cannot destroy peace
it cannot kill friendship
it cannot suppress memories
it cannot silence courage
it cannot invade the soul
it cannot steal eternal life
it cannot conquer the spirit

(image by nancy waldman, a fellow canadian)

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