overcoming codependency

once in a while i post poetry here. it helps process our thoughts and feelings.

but there’s no limit to the art forms we can use to express ourselves. here is the drawing of a friend of mine, literally depicting what’s going on inside his head, inspired by a list of codependent behaviours he found on the web:


dealing with the challenges life throws at us by trying to control (manipulate?) others is an understandable and very common coping mechanism. fortunately, my friend is someone who does not want to just cope anymore; he wants to live.

this very insightful drawing is part of his journey towards living a more conscious life where he deals lovingly with himself and those around him. the illusion that we can make others think, feel or act in a certain way is very seductive and can be so subtle. often we don’t even know we labour under this illusion. breaking free from it feels risky and scary – but it does lead to freedom, freedom for everyone concerned.

isabella mori
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