12-step discussion: step 2

today i’m on the run. too many things happening, including helping my very pregnant daughter move (yes! i’m becoming a grandmother! more on that soon.)

so let’s turn this problem into an opportunity and see how you, gentle reader, like it when i just present you with my notes.

it’s a continuation from last month, when we started talking about the 12 steps.

today: step two.

“came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity”

believe =

  • think
  • guess
  • assume
  • have faith in
  • be acutely aware

examples of powers greater than ourselves:

  • brakes on a car (*i * certainly can’t stop a car)
  • the cop who stops me when i drive too fast, endangering self and others
  • god
  • that inner voice that knows better than to be self-destructive
  • my community (friends, family, co-workers)

examples of insanity

  • driving too fast
  • eating too much
  • not exercising enough
  • not doing things that we know are good for us (e.g. flossing teeth)
  • letting ourselves be doormats
  • going back to destructive habits
  • smoking even though we’ve seen a relative die of lung cancer
  • insanity = not sane, not healthy

so, for example, “came to believe that a power greater than ourselves can restore us to sanity” could mean, for example, becoming acutely aware that my friends could help/support me in getting more exercise.

step 2 bluntly calls “insanity” all those things that we do or think that do not celebrate and sustain life, either in the short or in the long run.

–> our addiction to materialism, consumerism, aggression, greed, fear.

our = happens on an individual, community and worldwide level.

i believe that a power greater than just me (just my city, just my country) can relieve us of the insanity of destroying self and others.

isabella mori
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