scribbling like mad: an excerpt from my nanowrimo novel

here’s an excerpt from the novel i’m writing for national novel writing month (NaNoWriMo).  it’s raw and unedited, just the way i wrote it.  19,391 words and counting … “next thing i can recall is a bed, the softest, most comfortable bed i’ve ever slept in. there were blankets all over, so soft and so… Continue reading scribbling like mad: an excerpt from my nanowrimo novel

another novel excerpt

did i post at least one excerpt from the novel i’m working on during NaNoWriMo?  i don’t think so.  anyways, i think it’s time for another one. this plays on a sugar plantation in louisiana in the beginning of the 19th century.  mr jones-patterson is the neurotic plantation owner, elise his daughter.  joe,  the “field… Continue reading another novel excerpt

wordy ramblings on world philosophy day

once again i’m incapacitated by an awful cold. however, today is world philosophy day, so i just have to throw my thoughts into the mix. because, you know, the world, and especially the world of philosophy, would be so very much impoverished without my snot-nosed words of wisdom. so here’s a few chatty bits, laced,… Continue reading wordy ramblings on world philosophy day

november buddhist carnival, part 2

here’s part 2 of this month’s buddhist carnival. thoughts … thank you! gigablonde offers making peace with meditation, something i can relate to very well. she opens up space for a whole new relationship with meditation through principles of jack kornfield’s buddhist meditation for beginners. meet whatever arises with kindness and balance and wisdom …… Continue reading november buddhist carnival, part 2

1 year of buddhist carnival!

welcome, welcome, welcome! this is the 12th edition of the buddhist carnival – one year of a monthly celebration of bloggers who write about buddhism. as usual, i’ll post it in two parts. it occurred to me a while ago that there is something decidedly un-buddhist or at least un-zen in a buddhist post that’s… Continue reading 1 year of buddhist carnival!

masha malkin: celebrating our resources

if there is something you want in life and still do not have it, never blame yourself for it. because if you can dream it, you can have it!if you haven’t reached your goals yet, it is not because you are not smart enough or capable enough – in fact you have everything you need… Continue reading masha malkin: celebrating our resources

understanding war

the idea of the warrior has been very interesting to me in the last few months. the idea. this sentence does not mean: for the last few months, i’ve been exciting about becoming a soldier. on one extreme, there is this image, or platonic ideal, of the noble, principled, disciplined, courageous and hopefully often victorious… Continue reading understanding war

a solution for “but”

this morning i posted this on twitter: question to my buddhist friends: fear of connecting deeply with dharma/the divine = fear of ego death? william replied in a blog post, ego and the self. he has some interesting thoughts there that i encourage you to explore, and finishes thusly: the more we meditate and practice… Continue reading a solution for “but”

obama: yes we can!

“yes we can!” i’m imagining the hero of my NaNoWriMo novel, joe – or kosi, his african name – watching obama’s acceptance speech tonight. “yes we can!” my novel spans close to 250 years, starting with a west african amazon who ends up a slave in louisiana. joe is her grandson. he dies and –… Continue reading obama: yes we can!