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welcome … to “counselling in vancouver”, the virtual home of moritherapy, your counselling and therapy resource in vancouver, british columbia. my name is isabella mori.

i’m a counsellor, and i’m here to assist you in creating a good life. through conversations, we’ll figure out what works for you and what doesn’t, and we’ll find and implement solutions that will bring you more direction, clarity and joy.

if you feel a bit lost and rudderless, let’s see what’s going on. maybe your career and work life don’t seem as good as they could be. we’ll talk about what would work better for you, and how to get there.

do you walk through your days in a bit of a fog? not sure whether to stay in that relationship, or whether you really should move in with your best friend? let me help you bring your goals and values into focus and exercise your decision making muscles.

too many gray days? maybe there’s not quite enough passion and zest? we’ll figure out how to make that part of your life.

after a few sessions, you’ll have a better idea about how to bring more colour into your days.

the most important thing is for you to get to a way of living that works for you, or better still, a way of living that makes you truly happy. i honestly believe that’s possible, and would like to help you get there.

let’s talk.
if you’d like to have a quick chat with me personally, please contact me at moritherapy at shaw dot ca and i’ll get in touch with you as soon as i can.

here’s an example of the topics my clients often want to discuss: spirituality, and the difference between religion and spirituality. a connection with a higher power, whatever it looks like, helps many of my clients live a better life.

i’m looking forward to talking to you! until then, take care.

isabella mori
counselling in vancouver

15 thoughts on “my practice

  1. Chris Hartwell, MSW


    I’m always searching the web looking got good therapy related sites to advertise on, and I came across your blog. It’s awesome! Please shoot me an email when you get a chance so we can chat. My website is “The Family & Marriage Counseling Directory.”


    Chris H.

  2. Saphire

    Hello Isabella,
    I just wanted to say that your site is incredible! I am struggling very hard with this eating disorder -anorexia, and being able to post comments about feelings or concerns on ‘anorexia talk’ and having you and others respond is really great! It has given me a sense of ‘family.’ I have only my mom to talk to about my problem and while she is very supportive, it is truly wonderful to talk to others who are going through the exact same thing. I am trying to find a therapist in my city because I would like some professional help, no, I NEED professional help, but in the meantime, this is nice. Thanks!

  3. isabella mori

    hi saphire

    thanks for that lovely comment! starting the “anorexia talk” page was one of those things that i just got the idea for one day – i’m so grateful it is a source of support for people.

    good luck with finding the right therapist!

  4. oscar wright

    Hi Isabella, your blog is wonderful and very helpful. I am a tango teach in Rome and frequently my private students talk to me about their problems. I gthen use a combinmation of listening, breathing exercises, visualization and tango moves to help them with their problems. And then of course to dance with another person with the chest attached to beautiful, moving, poetic music is a very powerful thearpy. It would be wondderful to meet you. Why don’t you come to Rome and take a tango lesson from me and we’ll do tghe city. Ya been? Italy has a magic like no other place on earth. Here is my latest video

  5. isabella mori

    hi there!

    interesting! i have a friend on twitter (oh, maybe you know her, and that’s how we met?) who is also into tango therapy.

    you know what, i’ve never been farther south than genoa. when i go to europe, i always get stuck in germany because that’s where my family lives. but one of these days, i’d LOVE to go to rome.

  6. isabella mori

    wang jianrong – nice to meet you here, and thanks for your good wishes. i certainly return them. i would be very interested in hearing more about counselling in china.

  7. wang jianrong

    Hi Isabella:
    I’m very glad to read your words here. You give me a big problem to talk about counselling in china.I can’t write something about it in english well.Maybe I can do it well next year . So I talk about myself.
    I am a counseller who like the books writen by Freud,Lacan,Beck ,Rogers and Kohut. They give me great help . Do you tell me whose theory you like ?I think you will answer it best.

  8. isabella mori (@moritherapy)

    if you have a few words (up to 1,000 or so), i could easily find someone to translate it. i work with a lot of chinese people. let me know!

    i cannot say who has influenced me the most. however, some names that come up easily are virginia satir, scott miller, abraham maslow and of course rogers and freud.

  9. wang jianrong

    Hi Isabella:
    Give me time ,I can do it best.
    I also would be very interested in hearing more about counselling in your country. I think studying each other could help each other.By the way there is a question for you. Could you tell me how Kohut’s theory influence there?

  10. isabella mori

    wang, i don’t think kohut plays a big role right now; no-one of the psychoanalytic tradition is seen as a big “player” in north america at this time, as far as i can see.

    it might be interesting to ask that question of academic psychologists. here are two psychologists who say they are influenced by him:

  11. wang jianrong



    统计表明,由于心理障碍所导致的重性精神病和轻性精神病(各种神经症)在我国正呈上升趋势。其中,重性精神病已由上世纪50年代的5‰—6‰,上升到今天的11 ‰以上;轻性精神病已由20世纪80年代的22.21 ‰,上升到今天的35.18 ‰。尤其值得注意的是,这些精神心理疾病患者中,大部分都是青少年或在校中小学生,大中小学生及教师心理健康水平偏低。




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