valentine’s day, yes and no

contrary to some ideas that have been floating around that valentine’s day is an invention of hallmark’s, valentine’s day has been around for a long time.  valentine’s day is a day of fertility, of the first stirrings of spring rising up, the seeds waking up, ready to sprout with the first warmth of the sun.… Continue reading valentine’s day, yes and no

chinese love poetry, again

valentine’s day week … more love … and like every year, a chinese love poem. this time it’s contemporary, by eddie tay cold wind there is a cold wind rising at 3 a.m., and here i am on this furtive pavement of men, haunting the night for you. for months, the wine spilled upon your… Continue reading chinese love poetry, again

love and timelessness

some notes on love from deepak chopra’s ageless body, timeless mind: passion and commitment, love and dedication, self-worth and fulfillment – all are born in Being; they are qualities of the essential self that blossoms when you are free from narrow attachments moments of nonattachment are characterized by perceiving the inner world as an open… Continue reading love and timelessness

6 kinds of love

valentine’s day tomorrow. let’s talk about love. but what kind of love? we’re all familiar with eros – the heady, emotional high of romance, sexual love and infatuation. it makes the world go round; or, more specifically, it twirls the world in a spin. agape (pron. ah-gah-pay) is another type of love people often talk… Continue reading 6 kinds of love