psychiatric medication and diagnoses, working hand in hand

Many Authors Of Mental Health Diagnosis Guidelines Have Financial Ties To Drug Makers, Study Says

The majority of psychiatrists who worked on the most recent edition of the American Psychiatric Association’s widely influential diagnostic manual had financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry before, during or after the manual was published.

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are we surprised?

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One thought on “psychiatric medication and diagnoses, working hand in hand

  1. Caroline

    100% of docs who oversee medical publications have ties to Big Pharma??? Ack! Thankfully I know a Psychopharmacologist who specialises in schizophrenia and the drug companies still fly him all over the place to give talks and put him up in nice hotels. But he only states his research – nothing else. He says the companies like him because he is 100% honest and so if he stands in front of his peers and tells them something about a certain course of treatment they know to believe him.
    But isn’t that called “integrity”? Is that becoming an outdated quality in a person? I really worry sometimes that nothing seems to be free of consumerism these days.

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