i once was a hippie

… and probably still am.  for your amusement, while you wait for this blog to be healed (again!  how often does this happen?!) here’s an image of me i found while checking whether google searches about me actually point to me again, not to those sites the hackers had redirected them to.

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showing those hackers where to go

i’ve had some problems with this blog – it got hacked and diverted a lot of the traffic to other web sites. i’m slowly getting things up to snuff again but it may take a while. in the meantime, enjoy the new look – it won’t last long 🙂

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changes at change therapy: expectations and silence

where does this go? those of you who have been here often may have noticed that i’ve become somewhat quiet lately. here’s why. i’m trying to revamp my life a bit. bringing some things to a close, shedding others – basically making room for something new. what that new thing is, i don’t know (i… Continue reading changes at change therapy: expectations and silence

from my online dossier: pull down a vacuous email!

aaah, you gotta love spammers.  here is a particularly lovely comment i received.  i just wanna cuddle mittlestone!  see the bold parts for extra tasty word morsels. a lot of successful websites depend on returning visitors to account someone is concerned a notable side of their traffic. returning visitors are easier to transfigure into paying… Continue reading from my online dossier: pull down a vacuous email!

travel and emotions

today, a guest post by larry blanken travel is a major activity in the lives of modern people. some of us travel by choice as a source of pleasure, while others only venture away from home when they are forced to. regardless of individual motivations, the act of traveling can have a deep psychological impact… Continue reading travel and emotions

german joke

i just made my first comment on a german psychiatrist’s blog! to celebrate this, i’m translating this joke here, which was one of his blog posts. back in december, the hospital hired three cannibals as janitors – john, frank and randy. it’s so difficult to get good help! on their first day, the human resource… Continue reading german joke

success in 2009 – 3rd and final post

what was your biggest non-monetary success this year? i asked this question on twitter, LinkedIn and facebook. this is post #3 – the first instalment is here, and the second here. (the ones with the @ denote twitter names). @dorylanenter: new friendships i made joanna poppink: transforming my front garden into a gorgeous, free chi… Continue reading success in 2009 – 3rd and final post