carnival of eating disorders #12

hello and welcome to the last carnival of eating disorders for 2007. this time around, it’s a “pure” carnival – i’ve only included those submissions that talk directly and unmistakenly about eating disorders. i’ll invite the other submissions to participate in the progressive dinner carnival next month. (yes, i know, that’s a bit ironic, isn’t… Continue reading carnival of eating disorders #12

anorexia and the six ways of the bodhisattva

on our somewhat eventful drive back from kelowna, i lost, for the second time, my copy of pema chodron’s the places that scare you. i think the little book fell out when i got out of the car after we had just ploughed into a snow bank in order to avoid a collision (don’t worry,… Continue reading anorexia and the six ways of the bodhisattva

busy with liz

i’m sorry folks but today i’m not posting anything; i’m busy answering liz strauss’s fascinating success questions – click on the image and see what they’re all about! .

transformative learning: making the world a better place

i’m really taking you guys for a ride here. compassion, families, spamming buddhists – and now a little bit of educational research. i guess in my minds it all hangs together: it’s all about how people make a better life for themselves, and a better world for everyone. so … today we have part three… Continue reading transformative learning: making the world a better place

three family blessings

christmas day. after a nice walk through the winter snow here in kelowna, we just came back from one of our numerous big traditional family get-togethers during the holiday season. once again i’m struck by how easygoing and friendly my husband’s big clan is. what are they doing right? they are tolerant – and it’s… Continue reading three family blessings

merry christmas, spammers!

a few years ago on easter, first united church in vancouver’s downtown eastside carried a cross through the neighbourhood. it was a big, simple cross – and there were needles stuck all over it. the christ of the drug addicts. an image i will never forget. there is much about the message of the new… Continue reading merry christmas, spammers!

a buddhist carnival – 2nd edition, part 3

okay, here we go, part three of this month’s buddhist carnival. the first post is directly related to buddhism; the other ones discuss topics that are often dealt with in buddhist practice and literature. talking to your zen mind the middle way, you’re soaking in it is a post we can find at traviseneix, describing… Continue reading a buddhist carnival – 2nd edition, part 3

compassion and social media

the three wise men the three monks are inviting us to write about compassion. compassion: literally, to suffer (passion) with (com-) another. in latin, this suffering did not only refer to the suffering that occurs in pain, it also generally refers to things that we don’t actively instigate – things that happen to us, things… Continue reading compassion and social media