let’s remember jane doe, not willy pickton

there is a sad mystery in the trial of william pickton, the trial of canada’s most gruesome serial murder. dozens of women disappeared between 1997 and 2002 from vancouver’s downtown eastside, and today william pickton, a pig farmer from coquitlam, a city part of great vancouver, was charged with second degree murder of six of… Continue reading let’s remember jane doe, not willy pickton

what do your favourite words tell you about yourself?

yesterday, i came across a post by lisa collazo on good therapy that inspired me to follow her idea to really look into what words mean for us. one of her questions was – what are your favourite words? here they are, with an explanation why – and read on, because we’ll turn it into… Continue reading what do your favourite words tell you about yourself?

a fun and crazy writing experiment

do you sometimes feel like you really don’t get where you’re at? like you’re stuck in some confusing, chaotic morass of dreams, demands, moments of joy, feelings of depression? if you have a journal, here’s a fun tool you can use that might just open a new door for you. take an old entry that… Continue reading a fun and crazy writing experiment

mental illness and violence

most people have little reason to fear violence from people with mental illness, even in its most severe forms. historically, in the 1950s, mental illness carried great social stigma, especially linked with fear of unpredictable and violent behaviour. while there is greater public understanding of mental illness nowadays, paradoxically, the perception of people with psychosis… Continue reading mental illness and violence

practical creativity

so i was going to tell you about my favourite list post from the litemind group writing project. it’s zara’s 6 steps to take writing ideas from wordpress themes. i like it so much because it shows practical creativity at its best: she takes something that usually sits in the background (a blog design) and… Continue reading practical creativity

the best of the lists

today is the deadline for letting luciano know which are my favourite list posts, so that he can get on with his group writing project. i’m not feeling very well today, so i’ll just give you my top 11 posts. yup, didn’t want to narrow it down any more. tomorrow i’ll hopefully feel well enough… Continue reading the best of the lists