peace, conflict and chaos

here is the link to my final post on brainblogger on using chaos theory to understand conflict and, hopefully, see which way peace lies. ¬†following the lead of a team of multidiscplinary researchers (psychologists, sociologists, etc.), we look at three solutions: interrupting the feedback loop of conflict finding commonalities the butterfly effect – doing small… Continue reading peace, conflict and chaos

urgent evoke: new solutions?

inspired by TED talk gaming can make a better world, i joined urgent evoke, a game that is “a crash course in saving the world.” the idea is to learn about, act on and imagine solutions for the things that cry out for answers in our world today – from energy needs to poverty to… Continue reading urgent evoke: new solutions?

blogathon: the no complaining rule

the cost of negativity is one of the things jon gordon points out in his book the no complaining rule negativity costs the US economy between $250 to $300 billion every year in lost productivity (gallup) 90% of doctor visits are stress related (centers for disease control), and the #1 cause of office stress is… Continue reading blogathon: the no complaining rule

a fun and crazy writing experiment

do you sometimes feel like you really don’t get where you’re at? like you’re stuck in some confusing, chaotic morass of dreams, demands, moments of joy, feelings of depression? if you have a journal, here’s a fun tool you can use that might just open a new door for you. take an old entry that… Continue reading a fun and crazy writing experiment

recovering from anorexia: a treasure trove of wisdom

last year, i had a post entitled recovering from anorexia: 10 activities. over the months, we’ve had some important conversations on that post and a lot of wisdom from people who are overcoming anorexia. i’d like to present this wisdom here in a somewhat organized and easy-to-read format. these are all things that have helped… Continue reading recovering from anorexia: a treasure trove of wisdom