25 things

a bunch of people tagged me on facebook with the “25 things about you” meme. i’m going to try and do this a) really quick and b) restrict my answers to the kinds of things discussed here on this blog, namely psychology, creativity/art, spirituality, books and lefty stuff (you know, social justice, peace – bleeding… Continue reading 25 things

meme mosaic on a wordless wednesday

what’s this all about? ask danette! kudos to: 1. tribal acceptance…, 2. covered bridge, 3. beyond the suicide barrier, 4. swaggy the swagman (self proclaimed), 5. untitled, 6. a moment of tension-guts (9/9), 7. nanowrimo week 3, 8. on a lark, 9. kinder surprise, 10. yellowknife-eagle, 11. easy going attitude, 12. red

8 random facts

8 random facts about me … and things you may not know … i once seriously considered starting a web site dedicated entirely to caesar salad the only autograph i ever bothered getting was from dancer rudolf nureyev in my crazy berlin-before-the-wall-came-down days, one saturday i had a one-night stand with a kurdish urologist who… Continue reading 8 random facts

a meme for my tired brain

i’m here at the northern voice 2008 blogging conference. an amazing amount of inspiration! so i need an intellectual break and who comes along … c.b. whittemore! she tagged me to participate in an interesting “getting to know you” meme. it’s based on a list of attributes that supposedly go with the month you’re born… Continue reading a meme for my tired brain

happy 2nd birthday, change therapy!

ooops! i totally forgot my birthday – i mean, my blog birthday. today, december 19, it’s been two years that i’ve been writing on this blog. so i decided to go back to my 1st birthday post and rewrite it, in the light of the last 366 days. it’s been an interesting 132,000 words to… Continue reading happy 2nd birthday, change therapy!

what do your favourite words tell you about yourself?

yesterday, i came across a post by lisa collazo on good therapy that inspired me to follow her idea to really look into what words mean for us. one of her questions was – what are your favourite words? here they are, with an explanation why – and read on, because we’ll turn it into… Continue reading what do your favourite words tell you about yourself?

thinking differently about success, failure and learning

a few weeks ago i wrote a blog post, the scrunchie challenge, where i felt inspired by a post at monk at work to change a habit. i said i was going to keep a scrunchie on my wrist for three weeks, to remind me to ground myself whenever i wasn’t experiencing my body enough.… Continue reading thinking differently about success, failure and learning

learning. seriously.

okay, it’s fall, everyone back to school! dave has tagged me for a meme to develop some classes. here is the first one: (and an apology to my readers for the temporary appearance of this blog. this will change!) confucius on confusion 121 you’ve taken a philosophy course back in … when was it again… Continue reading learning. seriously.