a meme for my tired brain

a daisy fractali’m here at the northern voice 2008 blogging conference. an amazing amount of inspiration! so i need an intellectual break and who comes along …

c.b. whittemore! she tagged me to participate in an interesting “getting to know you” meme. it’s based on a list of attributes that supposedly go with the month you’re born in. this is the kind of lighthearted thing that’ll give me a break from all this wonderful brainiac stuff here at the conference.

so. my birth month is june. the image you see above is of daisies – june flowers, who always feel me with a feeling of lightness and softness.

these are the june traits:

  • thinks far with vision — yes. at least that’s what i like to think. i’m definitely more a big picture gal than a detail monkey.
  • easily influenced by kindness — kindness speaks to me, no question. i loved my bus ride this morning because the bus driver was so wonderfully friendly to a blind person and a person with a cane. “influenced”? wouldn’t have used that word.
  • polite and soft-spoken — yup.
  • having ideas — too many. nah. i’m an idea person and that’s me. i have just the right amount of ideas.
  • sensitive — yes. very sensitive sometimes; still learning how to best live with that. example: i can have about 3 cups of caffeinated beverages per month. more than that and … no “and”, because it’s out of the question. example: sensitive to whether i’m on the same wavelength with people. result: most of the people in my life today are absolutely wonderful companions.
  • active mind — yessaroonie! more about that in my post on add.
  • hesitating, tends to delay — a little timid sometimes, and like to do lots of research before i embark on something. although once in a while i jump into something big without much thought.
  • choosy and always wants the best — what i just said about being sensitive J
  • temperamental. nah, not really — i’m enthusiastic and talk with my hands but temperamental – no.
  • funny and humorous. loves to joke — you be the judge.
  • good debating skills — theoretically but rarely practically. thinking on my feet is not one of my greater assets.
  • talkative — nah, not really. the older i get, the less i talk.
  • daydreamer — hmmm …. that’s an interesting one. when i was younger, i spent tons of time daydreaming. mostly about romance. i’m so glad i don’t do that anymore. i have an incredibly active imagination but i use it more and more for real life. i like to live my dream rather than daydream.
  • friendly — most people who know me would probably say that’s one of my top ten qualities.
  • knows how to make friends — yes. a gift that i am deeply grateful for.
  • able to show character — what does that mean? i work on acting and thinking ethically – maybe that’s what it is?
  • easily hurt — not really. i assume that most people either have good will towards me or are at least indifferent to me. when i do feel hurt i like to look at what that says about me.
  • prone to getting colds — no.
  • loves to dress up — yes and no. i go through phases. what i wear is very important to me, though – it needs to match my mood. see above for sensitive.
  • easily bored — no. and you know why? i find boredom extremely uncomfortable so i go out of my way to avoid it.
  • fussy — about some things, yes, but mostly i’m pretty easy going. i get fussy when confronted with people who seem pretentious to me. a fancy restaurant is prone to receive a stern critique from me but i can easily rave about a greasy spoon.
  • seldom shows emotions — that’s not me at all. i’m not a drama queen, not by any stretch of the imagination but when i’m happy, angry or sad, you’ll know.
  • takes time to recover when hurt — no – neither physically nor emotionally.
  • brand conscious — yes. and reputation conscious.
  • executive — huh? what does that mean? the only thing i can think of is that cancer is one of the june signs, and cancer is a cardinal (main) sign. and yes, i like to take initiative and show leadership. however, as a leader i have a fierce belief in teamwork so sometimes i look a little blander than i am.
  • stubborn — no. when i’m convinced of my opinion, you can’t sway me but i’ll gladly listen to and engage with other people’s opinions. if what they have to say adds to my point of view, i’ll happily include it.

since this is a meme, let me explain the rules:

1. mention the person who tagged you and create a link back to them.
2. pick your month of birth.
3. copy and paste the traits for all the twelve months, or link to phil’s post that shows the traits for all 12 months
4. look at your traits and simply copy the ones that apply to you or otherwise write about the list of traits and how they apply to you.
5. tag 12 people and let them know by visiting their blogs and leaving a comment for them. (i’m pretty busy right now so that might take some time; i hope that the people i’m mentioning will notice it by looking at their trackbacks or other wonderful techie doodahs)
6. let the person who tagged you know when you’ve done it!

… and here are the 12 people i’m tagging:

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