8 random facts

8 random facts about me

… and things you may not know …rudolf nureyev, russian dancer

  1. i once seriously considered starting a web site dedicated entirely to caesar salad
  2. the only autograph i ever bothered getting was from dancer rudolf nureyev
  3. in my crazy berlin-before-the-wall-came-down days, one saturday i had a one-night stand with a kurdish urologist who looked like a french philosopher
  4. my next grandchild is expected on 08-08-08
  5. in paraguay, one hangovered morning i was trapped up in a grapefruit tree
  6. part of the novel i’m working on plays in dahomey (present-day benin)
  7. my most traumatic musical experience ever was when i had saved up for a ticket to covent garden in london, terribly excited to watch debussy’s the afternoon of a faun – and i had to listen to tosca
  8. one of the best gifts i’ve ever received from a client was one of those little stuffies-in-a-can, rescued from a garbage bin

i’m doing this because it’s fun and because damien (remember him from the 10 cognitive distortions?) tagged me. now i’m supposed to tag 8 people. let me find some blogospherians i’ve never tagged before. hmmm ….

  • raul, because he’s beautiful
  • todd, because he’s kind
  • lillie, because she edits
  • gillian, because she has a cat
  • catatonic kid, because she wrote about synaesthesia
  • sage, because she’s a philosopher
  • stumbleblogger, because i owe him a guest post
  • zoe, because she knew how to spell ‘articulate’ when she was 4

(image of nureyev found here)

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