the myth of keeping up

in a blog entry, the creating passionate users guys (three software/game developer geeks “passionate about how the brain works and how to exploit it for better learning and memory”) make a good point about the myth of keeping up. it’s really comforting to hear this from leading-edge people in information technology – if they can’t… Continue reading the myth of keeping up

today: ice

hi everyone you may have noticed that i haven’t posted very much these last few days. i am busy contemplating moving my blog somewhere else, that’s why. in the meantime, i do not wish to leave you un-entertained. so here’s some interesting tidbits. they’re all about ice. why? how does that tie in to a… Continue reading today: ice

getting serious – keywords & “depression treatment”

well, i’m going to get serious about blogging now. there’s lots of things i want to talk about – and hopefully, you’ll have something to say about it, too!recently, i have been working on my web site. i decided to have it hosted by site-build-it (SBI), a hosting company that offers tremendous support to its… Continue reading getting serious – keywords & “depression treatment”