how judgment affects memory

from medicalnewstoday: Viewing a person as dishonest or immoral can distort memory, a Cornell study suggests. So much so, that when we attempt to recall that person’s behavior, it seems to be worse than it really was. “In other words, our study shows that morally blaming a person can distort memory for the severity of… Continue reading how judgment affects memory

tom fox: peace, love and respect vs. dehumanization

here is what tom fox, the slain christian peacemaker, said just before he was abducted: I have read that the word in the Greek Bible that is translated as “love” is the word “agape.” Again, I have read that this word is best expressed as a profound respect for all human beings simply for the… Continue reading tom fox: peace, love and respect vs. dehumanization

more happiness

remember yesterday? i wrote the post inspired by little emily, the toddler who really seems to know what having fun in life is all about. well, on the heels of this comes an email from my friend ken, the happiness guy. he’s got his own blog now! here are a two samples: ClutterMind: The Unexamined… Continue reading more happiness

claiming what’s ours

the other day i was wondering whether some of the difficulties we experience stem from the fact that we don’t understand what our share of the world is. our share of love, food, comfort, adventure, security, knowledge – all these things we all want (hunger / lust for?) this came from observing emily, a delightful… Continue reading claiming what’s ours

more on emotional intelligence: alexi – what???

a very nicely written article by victoria counsellor michelle morand, director of the CEDRIC centre, which specializes in eating disorders and related concerns, on the connection between eating disorders and the inability/difficulty to express emotions: A study was conducted by psychologists about 5 years ago that looked at childhood experiences of trauma, (physical abuse, sexual… Continue reading more on emotional intelligence: alexi – what???

the therapist as a person – pt 3

this is a continuation from the entry of february 27, about the inner lives of therapists, and some of their motivations and personal styles: What follows are four short vignettes of roles therapists might take on as a result of these (usually unexamined) personal and social influences. These vignettes I have compiled from a rather… Continue reading the therapist as a person – pt 3

women, therapy and blogging

a few interesting thoughts on women and blogging: Writing, as a form of therapy, is as old as ink itself. Universally understood as a transformative process, the simple act of putting pen to page can effectively jump start personal growth and healing. Over the years I’ve had more than a handful of sessions on a… Continue reading women, therapy and blogging

fractals, chaos and psychotherapy

fractals, like the one here, and one of its associated disciplines, chaos theory, have long fascinated me. according to wikipedia Fractals can be most simply defined as images that can be divided into parts, each of which is similar to the original object. Fractals are said to possess infinite detail. fractals in an of themselves… Continue reading fractals, chaos and psychotherapy