1. Isabella,

    A simply gorgeous image.

    The country can be so wonderful sometimes.

    Just last week, I requested a transfer from my current location of work in a beautiful rural town in South Korea to a nearby city, in order to broaden my range of experiences when traveling overseas.

    Your picture reminds me of just how hard the decision is to leave the beautiful, rural, countryside setting.



    p.s. By the way, do you happen to know where that picture was taken?

    Andrew’s last blog post..Zero Tolerance for Bullying of Small Business by Politicians

  2. hello everyone and thanks for the comments!

    @andrew, i’ve emailed the person who took the picture, hopefully we’ll find out where it was taken.

  3. better late than never: here is the location of the image, andrew, from an email by the photographer:

    “And, yes, I am glad to share location information on it. It was taken at what was known as the “Explore Park” entrance roadway off of the Blue Ridge Parkway, near Roanoke, Virginia in USA. Maybe 3 miles north of US Hwy 220 which BRP intersects…(which turns into Hwy 581 which runs solely into US-I 81 … 😀 Hope that is close enough? Thanks again for letting me know it was worth my while to go up there alone at night !!”

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