adult children of alcoholics

researchers at the boston university school of social work found that while parental alcoholism can serve as an indicator of long-term harm to children, contrary to common beliefs it is not a direct cause. “the study shows that a positive family environment may be able to overcome very negative childhood experiences.” said lead author margaret… Continue reading adult children of alcoholics

treating alcohol addiction

according to, there is more and more agreement that alcohol abuse occurs on a continuum. it needs to be treated accordingly; traditional methods of helping alcoholics work for less than half of them. project MATCH, a project involving over 80 therapists, is now looking at ways to match patient preferences with different kinds of… Continue reading treating alcohol addiction

vote for mental health

vote for mental health! what mental health issue needs to go on the government’s agenda? if you have opinions about that – and i hope you do – and if you’re canadian, you can now participate in an e-consultation put up by health canada. the questions are do we need a mental health commission? what… Continue reading vote for mental health

those who quit drinking …

i was intrigued by levy’s comment on the art and alcohol posting a few days ago and thought it would be worthwhile to dedicate a blog entry to it. here is what he says: I can appreciate the turn around stories of artists and I

alcohol and art

these last few days i’ve been listening to quite a few people talk about their experience with alcohol misuse, either through their own struggles or because of alcoholism among their loved ones. what is it about alcohol abuse that frightens us so? when i was younger, it was the strange and dangerous-seeming world that drunks… Continue reading alcohol and art

understanding “i don’t know” – part 3

the last two blog entries here were about how the words “i don’t know” often come from information overload, or, alternatively, from a certain anxiety around the emotionally laden information. today, let’s talk about how we can deal with this, how we can move from “i don’t know” to something like, “i have an idea”… Continue reading understanding “i don’t know” – part 3

understanding “i don’t know”

“i don’t know …” when we’re confronted with a difficult issue, we often come up with these words, “i don’t know”. “why do i always end up drinking more than i wanted? i just don’t know.” “i wish i could change how i talk to my son. we always seem to end up fighting. i… Continue reading understanding “i don’t know”