mental illness and the arts

monet: breakfastover at finding optimism, there are two good little articles on famous and not-so-famous painters struggling with mental illness. take picasso, for example, who is said to have suffered from schizophrenia, or monet, who was dealing with depression.

an important topic, and we’ll be paying some more attention to it here at change therapy.

among musicians who had serious mental healh problems, we find buddy bolden, one of the “fathers” of jazz. you can hear one of his tunes, funky butt, also referred to as buddy bolden’s blues, here at red hot jazz.

4 thoughts on “mental illness and the arts

  1. chad

    Where did you get the information on Picaso? I’m doing a paper and I’m using him as an example. I just wanted to know where you were informed that Picaso had schizophrenia.

  2. isabella mori

    chad, thanks for drawing this to my attention. after doing a bit of research, it seems unclear whether he did or not.

    it’s possible the idea that he suffered from schizophrenia stems a famous article by carl jung who at the end of the article states explicitly that his musings over picasso’s art remind him of a schizophrenic “habitus” which does NOT equate a diagnosis of schizophrenia.

    you may also find this article interesting. just to add to that, i’d like to say that most people with mental illnesses are not diagnosed. of course, the percentage varies, and varies with illness. there are probably less people with schizophrenia who are undiagnosed than, say, depression.

  3. chad

    Thankyou. That helps…Do you have any insight on Albert Einstien, Thomas Edison, or other famous individuals with possible mental illnesses, either diagnosed, or undiagnosed?

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