i’ve finally decided to put up a formal copyright note here in my blo. i’m choosing to do this as a blog post because i’d be interested in your thoughts and comments on this, whether you’re a reader or a blogger yourself. i’m sure this could be improved, and your input will be most helpful. here goes:

articles in the change therapy blog may contain copyrighted material. the use of this material may not have been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. this blog makes these materials available in order to advance understanding and education, particularly relating to but not excluding matters of psychology, the arts, social justice and philosophy.

the material here is distributed without profit to those who read this blog or expressed a subscription interest in receiving the included information for research or educational purposes. where copyrighted material is used, it is intended for the purposes of education, reviews or news reporting but not for commercial purposes.

i believe this constitutes an instance of ‘fair dealing’ under the copyright act of canada.

i have no affiliation with the originators of many of these material used, nor is the content of my site or articles endorsed or sponsored by the article’s originator.

where material is disputed by the copyright owner, i endeavour to remove it as soon as possible from this blog upon receipt of a request to moritherapy ((at)) shaw ((dot)) ca.

if you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes beyond fair use, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner.

wherever copyrighted material is used, i indicate that it is not authored by myself. any other material is authored by me, isabella mori. if you wish to use material authored by me, please refer to my creative commons license. under this license, you are free to use and modify material authored by me for non-commercial purposes as long as you indicate i am the author, linking back to this site or my email address above.

(this copyright note was inspired by ryan lanham, and i have used some of his wording. thank you, ryan.)

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