manjushri – fierce buddhism

often, we associate buddhism with kindness, gentleness, compassion. but buddhism is about the whole human experience. manjushri is the bodhisattva who engenders the human experience of fierceness and determination. here is an excerpt about him from a blog on e-sangha. (a bodhisattva is an enlightened being who has vowed not to enter nirvana until all… Continue reading manjushri – fierce buddhism

peace – with and without caricatures

i just received an email from a friend of mine in germany about the arab caricatures that were posted in the danish newspaper jyllands-posten back in the fall. apparently, the german-speaking web site, which is mostly about antisemitism, was completely destroyed by someone – supposedly from qatar – who didn’t like that hagalil had… Continue reading peace – with and without caricatures

brokeback mountain

yesterday mindemoya and i finally went to see brokeback mountain. of course, it’s been absolutely impossible not to hear about the movie, and of course everyone thinks it’s great. so my expectations were positive but a bit on the lukewarm side. it seemed that i was supposed to like it, which doesn’t really incline me… Continue reading brokeback mountain

poetry therapy pt 2 and the removal of blinders

yesterday i said i was going to talk more about playing with the poetry therapy process. the poem about my grandfather happened following a prompt in the national association for poetry therapy newsletter which went like this Choose one of your grandparents and write a poem honoring how you were influenced by this relative, living… Continue reading poetry therapy pt 2 and the removal of blinders