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i’ve had a few days that were definitely on the blah and dudsy side. then along comes my friend ken walker, the happiness guy, with his new web site! thanks, ken. i love the way you sit on top of the world, so to say.

check it out here, guys!

so i figured, are there any other good web sites on happiness?

i can’t say i found anything that bowled me over (is that because i still feel grumpy?), but here are a few that are worth checking out:

krishnamurti on happiness. an east indian philosopher who i admire greatly.

and then some jewish thoughts on this, like:

an eyeball is worth at least five million dollars.

you have two of them? you’re rich.

dr. martin seligman is the father of positive psychology. he’s very well known from his work on learned helplessness. fortunately, he figured he’d also look at the other side of the coin and wrote a book on learned optimism. his site also has a few interesting tests. in 1997 he was elected president of the american psychological association by the largest vote ever – you mean even other psychologists like the idea of happiness?

moving right along – here’s a view on happiness by psychiatrist and buddhist mark epstein.

then, looking at my personal and professional interests, i looked for web sites that spoke intelligently and positively about chronic pain and happiness. gave up after about 10 minutes. that’s too bad.

fortunately, i found something nice on happiness in the recovery from anorexia

and a somewhat interesting happiness list for alcoholics getting sober at st. jude’s, an alternative to AA-style recovery houses.

what’s out there for the not-so-heterosexual world? i kept on coming across a book entitled queer journey – a man’s search for happiness – unfortunately i couldn’t find any interesting reviews on this book, although it sounds interesting. being gay is challenging enough, but being gay and non-white (rodriguez is the son of cuban immigrants) adds another layer of difficulty. anybody read it?

and finally, how could we have a list of links without what wikipedia has to say! this here has a whole bunch of interesting quotes on happiness.

take care everyone, and have a happy day!

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