children and poverty: talk about harm!

a comment to my blog entry on self harm says: “From a professional point of view, the only time intervention is required is when a behaviour becomes pathological ie socially unacceptable and detrimental to your health or someone else’s.” i am grateful to dawn for this comment because it brought up some important concepts. an… Continue reading children and poverty: talk about harm!


(this is another guest blog by my husband glenn, providing a bit of insight into the mind of a smoker) My daughter’s class in school is going through a series of discussions/learning modules on the dangers of smoking, so she has been passing along some the things she’s learned to me, and has been asking… Continue reading smoking

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blogs and pornography

when i moved this blog from blogspot to my own web site, using wordpress as a platform, it became much more searchable. this is good; we have more readers now. however, some of these readers are spammers, and some of the spammers deal in pornography.

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more on depression and self reflection

reading over the contents of my last blog entry on depression and self-reflection, a few thoughts came to mind. the article was not written by someone who had done systematic research and observation of people dealing with depression. rather, the writer seems to have a certain view, and in order to support it, he cites… Continue reading more on depression and self reflection

depression and self-reflection

(this is another reprint from my old blog, from the beginning of the year) timothy wilson, an editor at the new york times, has this to say about self reflection and depression: Research by Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, a clinical psychologist at Yale University, shows that when people are depressed, ruminating on their problems makes things worse.… Continue reading depression and self-reflection

falling down – weakness and strength

the other day i slipped on the stairs and fell down – thump, whump, clonk. it wasn’t a horrible fall, and caused only a big, colourful bruise on my behind, and a feeling of jarredness all through my old skeleton. as i was experiencing these sensations, i was reminded of a

beauty, goddesses and the sabre-toothed tiger

yesterday at the fireside chat at sacred space, we had anne baird as a guest. anne is the creator of goddess cards, a series of internationally sold, beautiful greeting cards that celebrate the beauty in every woman. the idea of our fireside chats is to share ideas and inspire discussion. one of the topics that… Continue reading beauty, goddesses and the sabre-toothed tiger