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when i moved this blog from blogspot to my own web site, using wordpress as a platform, it became much more searchable. this is good; we have more readers now. however, some of these readers are spammers, and some of the spammers deal in pornography.

fortunately, wordpress has an anti-spamming program, akismet, that deals with most of it. so a few times a week i go through all the spam, just to make sure that nothing got caught accidentally.

when i do this, i also get the dubious pleasure of seeing who spams me. that’s when i notice the porn. now i’m really the last person to object to people doing whatever they want to do, as long as it is truly consensual. what disturbs me is that some of the porn i get does not appear to be consensual at all. it clearly involves child pornography and other violent acts.

today i got sick of it and signed up with i don’t have the stomach for actually viewing the sites that these spammers advertise but the search tags (metatags) that they attach to their spam messages make abundantly clear what their spam is about. i hope that at least in a tiny way this reporting contributes to making the lives difficult of people who sexually exploit and violate children and other victims.

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