so …. we keep on weaving our way here through the arts. from remembrance day to courage to storytelling … okay, let’s stay with storytelling for a while. i don’t know who said the words, “man is a storytelling animal” (hegel? derrida? tolkien? jung?) stories – “narratives”, they call them in academia – are as… Continue reading storytelling

“oh, the things you can think up if only you try!”

well, people, now you know where i get my inspiration from: idle 14th century poets and 1st grade readers! because today i want to tell you about one of my heroes – dr. seuss: a fabulous poet, a man with passionate convictions, and a great painter. yes, he wrote children’s books. but his imagination and… Continue reading “oh, the things you can think up if only you try!”

tsurezuregusa: wisdom from an idle poet

november’s issue of bodhi mind, the vancouver buddhist church’s monthly newsletter, introduced me to the poet kenko. i was intrigued by his words that “there are seven undesirable things as friends,” among them “a strong person who has never been ill.” wise words. although there are always

leadership jazz

talking about life as a creative project – here’s a book that discusses business life as a creative project: leadership jazz, by max depree. here are a few excerpts: everyone is equally authentic and surrounded by the mystery of potential fragility is part of a vision’s nature. people who think they have created an indestructible… Continue reading leadership jazz