leadership jazz

talking about life as a creative project – here’s a book that discusses business life as a creative project: leadership jazz, by max depree. here are a few excerpts:

everyone is equally authentic and surrounded by the mystery of potential

fragility is part of a vision’s nature. people who think they have created an indestructible vision simply issue a command, write an agenda

leadership is as delicate as mozart’s melodies. the music exists and it doesn’t. it is written on the page but it means nothing until it is written and heard. much of its effect depends on the performer as well as the listener. the best leader, like the best music, inspires us to see new possibilities

a good corporation can be a place of healing. it can be a place where work becomes redemptive, where every person is included on her own terms

once taken, the path toward beauty and harmony will not allow any member of an organization to stray … beauty and harmony must surface in our relationships as well as in our architecture

their willingness to object to the norm, learn frantically, and contribute in unexpected ways makes amateurs essential parts of organizations

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