valentine’s day – a day of germination

valentine’s day, similar to groundhog day, the celtic imbolc and the carnival festivities in western europe, is a celebration that heralds the slowly awakening forces of spring. it’s still cold and nasty outside but we can all feel that stirring deep down, we all know that the seeds in the ground are starting to send… Continue reading valentine’s day – a day of germination

valentine’s day: freedom to marry day

love in a dark time is an extraordinarily well written collection of essays by irish (and gay) writer colm toibin. it chronicles the romantic and artistic struggles of gay artists, from genius writer/playwright/poet oscar wilde to spanish filmmaker pedro almodovar. on valentine’s day, i want to remember that we need to break out of the… Continue reading valentine’s day: freedom to marry day


this morning i turned again to the beautiful words of martin buber, austrian-jewish philosopher and mystic. his i and thou is perhaps the most important book ever written about what it means to be in relationship. the relationship between i and you – the stuff of love. buber talks about contemplating a tree. (i have… Continue reading you