carnival of eating disorders

the articles in this blog have been featured on a number of blog carnivals so far (for example, on the disability blog carnival, the carnival of courage, and the bipolar and depression carnival).

with these good experiences, i figured i might as well start a blog carnival myself. it’ll be a monthly compendium of interesting blog entries on eating disorders and related issues such as body image. actually, i’d rather call it the carnival of people with food issues because the word “disorders” doesn’t sit terribly well with me. but the truth is that most people use the term eating disorders, so i don’t want to make life difficult for everyone 🙂

this blog carnival will deal with issues related to undereating, overeating, dieting, obesity, compulsive starvation and exercise, bingeing, purging, body image and other food-related difficulties and victories (in other words, anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder and orthorexia and how to recover from them).

if there is a blog article you’d like to see featured in this blog carnival, use this submission form.

the first eating disorders carnival will appear on december 31, 2006. deadline for submissions is december 21, 2006.

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