internet addiction?

it’s evening, and i’m really tired. i should go to bed. but wait, let me check my email. and the other email. and wasn’t i going to look up something on depth-oriented brief therapy? oh! ding! here’s another message! and i haven’t really played spider solitaire yet today. and …

now it’s late evening. i’m really, really tired. my feet are getting cold. my husband has long gone to bed and is sleeping. my eyes burn from staring at the computer too much. i’m gonna go to bed now. let me just quickly check the other email address … oh, it’s her! i should email her back. it’ll just take a minute. no, wait, i have to check whether this link still works …

now it’s late at night. i’m really, really, really tired. my feet are blocks of ice, and i’m starting to hallucinate voices, as i sometimes do when i’m way, way past my bed time. (why is it so often the voice of an elderly man with a strong east indian accent?) i’m too tired to get up, go upstairs, brush my teeth. ok, i’m going now. i’m just gonna close all those windows. hey, the spider game is still open! … it’s so much easier to stay on the chair and keep playing than dragging myself up to the bathroom … do i really have to brush my teeth?

just another addiction?

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