august 2009 buddhist carnival

here’s the buddhist carnival again! last month my blog was still sick and the carnival didn’t happen. glad to be back for august. the buddhist carnival is a romp / surf / drive / ride through the buddhist blogosphere (blugghasphere?) and today’s menu brings you posts on music, fashion, family, war, wishy-washy buddhism, persisting through the agony… Continue reading august 2009 buddhist carnival

international day of peace

somehow i missed that today is the international day of peace.  i’m about to go to bed but want to at least pay some hommage to it; thanks to clark’s picks to remind me!  he has a video on his blog of peter, paul and mary singing “there but for fortune“.  it’s a song i… Continue reading international day of peace

blogathon: beautiful music from tibet

i just had to include one more youtube video here. please watch this stunning production all the way to the end. the images are as beautiful as the voice and person of tibetan freedom singer yangchen lhamo. and amidst the beauty, we are reminded of the plight of this breathtaking country. this is an entry… Continue reading blogathon: beautiful music from tibet

blogathon: indian street music

wow, what a neat party! lots of laugher. i wonder what they’re singing, they’re having so much fun. i guess this is the music that goes with the image i posted two entries ago. enjoy! this is an entry for my participation in the 2008 blogathon, a 24-hour marathon of blogging. please support the cause… Continue reading blogathon: indian street music

blogathon: now you get to watch the music move

this is bluesman john mayall, pretty much the way i first saw him perform for the first time back in … 1971, i think. i know, he’s not using exactly the same instruments as the guys in my last post … hey, maybe i should find some you tube video for that kind of music,… Continue reading blogathon: now you get to watch the music move