blogathon: my ideal writing weekend

my ideal writing weekend … mmmmhh …. what a lovely thing to write about …

this is my entry for the my ideal writing weekend contest. (if you’d like to participate, too, just click on the link!)

this is what it looks like:

… so i wake up in the morning, having slept in an incredibly soft bed with linen smelling of wind and sun. i’m sleeping right by open window and a fresh breeze greets me as i slowly clamber out of a lovely dream, a big grin on my face.

the only noises i hear is the wind, a few birds, the ocean, and the distant clatter of breakfast dishes.

how did i get here again, and what day is it? oh, it’s friday, the first day of a long weekend. don’t have to leave until tuesday morning. something about a comfortable car ride here last night. oh yes, now it all comes back to me. i’m at a writing weekend! the hotel here in sardinia where the workshop is held is totally booked up so the organizers had to move it to this place, an old home out in the country. they’ll be taking us to the city any time we want so it looks like i get the best of both worlds!

oh, and the stars last night! haven’t seen that many for ages. so beautiful against the black moonless night, right over calm little waves licking against the cliff along which we were driving (was that really an old butler in an even older but still oh-so-buttery bentley?)

before i pad to the bathroom, i grab my notebook and write down a few words. that’s what the pamphlet said. write something down as soon as you wake up. ok, here we go:

thick walls, old sandstone
hold me up while i fly off.
my pens are my wings.

aaah. haiku is good, any time of the day.

twenty minutes later, i stand by a copse of olive trees, looking down into the water.

(stay tuned for the next instalment)

canadian mental health association

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