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a few weeks ago, in my general enthusiasm for canadian blogs, i decided to participate in buzzcanuck’s 1% army of canadian blogs. what inspired me to participate in something with a military theme, i’ll never know – but what the hey, ey?

so one of the things i’m supposed to do is “handshake” with my neighbouring battle buddies. since a handshake involves two people present in the same location at the same time, and my buddies aren’t here right now, i’ll do a wave.

waving to michael o’connor in toronto, of uninstalled. on august 16th, he talked about email overflow and and seems to like the suggestion to keep emails to hm. interesting idea but i think first i’ll get a handle on my bacn (no, that’s not the british association of cognitive neuroscience, it’s like spam, only less annoying and with more substance).

waving at jonathan dunne at jargonism, with whom i share an interest in communication. says hespinglobe marketing vancouver

i’m sure if business rhetoric all of a sudden became honest, transparent, insightful and useful, we wouldnt have a clue what was going on & what was expected of us. at least now, when some someone says “lets think outside the box” we know they don’t have clue what they want and are expecting us to come with the answer that will save their skin.

waving to eric eggertson and his business blog. i can only nod vigorously at his recommendation to keep a business plan to 10 pages. one of the worst things i’ve ever done in business was to put together this PhD thesis of a business plan – oh, i’m embarrassed to tell you how many pages long.

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update on september 9: the people at spinglobe here in vancouver have just created a little search engine for all the blogs that have actively participated in this project so far. thanks, spinglobers – oh, and i just had to add your image to this – it’s too cool! hope that’s ok.

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