chocolate and broccoli

so my blogger/twitter friend geert over in europe, in a small – no, i won’t say “tiny” – country wedged between a big one (france) and another small one (the netherlands) … in a tiny country called belgium, had the good heart to finally write another blog post in english. thanks to my continuous begging to do just that, perhaps?

he writes a good little article on belgium, a country that deserves to be blogged about much more often, and introduces the world to the dizzying intricacies of its multiple levels of government.

and what do i do? instead of being grateful and asking him to expand even more on this somewhat fascinating topic, all i want to hear about is belgian chocolate! chocolate pralines

good ol’ geert – have i mentioned he has a heart of gold? – dutifully takes this comment to his girlfriend as they lay themselves to sleep, and instead of doing the kinds of loving things boyfriends and girlfriends might do on such occasions, they start talking about chocolate.

bad enough. but it gets worse. apparently, geert and his sweetheart are on the sonoma diet. do you really want to talk about chocolate when you’re on a diet???

and do i get punished for introducing this poisonous topic? of course, you’d think! but no. geert writes another post in english, knowing full well that i’m too lazy to make my way through his dutch posts (with one very sorry exception).

the world ain’t fair. sometimes i catch the short end of the stick. but this time, it seems, i don’t. my end is loooong, and all i can do to show my contrivance, as i see geert way over there at the short end, glued to it with globs and globs of chocolate, is to write a really, really bad limerick so at least he can laugh at me:

there was a man from, uh, belgium
who loved his chocolate, and then some.
but the carrot and broc
coli he must eat –
oh, i’m so full of apol’g’em.

and after this trauma, i guess i should also offer him a free counselling session, don’t you think?

(photo by eszter)

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