designing the web

i’m still digesting the great fare at the northern voice blogging conference. as you may have gleaned already, one of my favourites there was nancy white.

in talking about how we interact with one another, on and offline, she said something that left a lasting impression on me:

“everyone is a designer!”

what does that mean?

let’s start with a few ideas …

  • everyone designs their own life
  • every participant in a conversation co-designs the conversation
  • everyone is innately creative
  • we constantly create our reality
  • there is not one person who can/should be exluded from the design process
  • the word design has a bit of a connotation of beauty/esthetics; therefore, everyone can bring beauty into their lives and into the lives of others
  • we all have the chance and responsibility to participate in creating a better world
  • the world is a product of everyone’s creation; everyone, that means you, and me, and the dog next door, and vladimir putin – everyone
  • we are all web designers – we all design the web that connects us

ok. i’m gonna go for a walk now. participate in the design of my health and well-being.

and you?

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