IT “artists”, ideas, creativity and therapy

as commented on earlier, creativity is certainly not limited to artists. or maybe it’s more that we need to enlarge our concept of who is an artist. these people here are IT/media artists.

doc searls, the man who is sometimes credited for coining the statement “markets are conversations” started an interesting and creative exchange about sharing, improving and using ideas.

david seah goes into even more detail about ideas – ideas as catalysts for action, communication and community.

and then of course there’s creating passionate users, one of my favourite blogs, talking about constraint-driven creativity and how to come up with breakthrough ideas.

what does that have to do with therapy?

it’s totally straightforward.

when someone has a problem, they’re looking for a solution. ideally, not just “a” solution but the right one from among a number of choices. for these choices, we need to come up with ideas. often the best solutions are the ones that surprise us – the energy created by the surprise adds extra momentum to catapult a person out of the problem. so sometimes that’s what a therapist is – simply someone who helps you generate surprising ideas.

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