last minute invitation to the blogathon

isabella mori on blogathonthe serious countdown to the blogathon has started. it’s all i can think of (i didn’t even write a frozen pea post today!)

as of this writing, it’s 10 hours until i post my first entry, at 5 am tomorrow morning. then 24 hours of blogging, posting an article every 30 minutes. yikes! i wonder whether towards the end it will degenerate into incomprehensible blather, spiked with the most creative typos??? well, we’ll see. it’s all for a good cause. i even made a little badge! (click on it and you can donate to the canadian mental health association).

i’ve already gone crazy on facebook and other places, inviting people to stop by tomorrow, july 26. here’s my last invitation frenzy, to bloggers who i’ve met here in the last little while. please visit, read, comment, link, donate! you can even send me a guest post …

oh, and if you don’t find yourself here on this list, it’s not that i didn’t think of you, it’s just that my hand gave out.  if you’re a friend and would like to be included, send me your link in <a href=> form.

the incurable disease of writing
quiverfull family blog – christian family living, christian book reviews, homeschooling, homesteading
a writer’s words, an editor’s eye
this full house reviews
the masculine heart
mind, soul, and body
good honest dollar
storied mind – writing to recover life from depression
fish and cans
the wealth spa
living within samsara
untreatable’s blog
talli’s designs
massage techniques with free videos
coastal commentaries
random detoxification
talent development resources – the psychology of creative expression …
everyone needs therapy
integral options cafe
martial development – martial arts for personal development
intensive care for the nurturer’s soul
learn c++
my secret spiritual dance
optimistlab | a sensible guide to the law of attraction – motivation, inspiration, education, entrepreneurship
best 101 lists | interesting observations
homespun honolulu
postcards from the funny farm
daily blog tips
finding your marbles – a mental health survival guide
positive and successful lifestyle tips
adversity university
freakedout fathers
my mind on books
real mind control: the 21-day no-complaint experiment
urban monk
today is that day

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