my blogging heroines: women who go beyond

i’m honoured that pamm from my secret spiritual dance included me in a list of outstanding women bloggers that’s going around right now. it was started by valeria maltoni of conversation agent.

do you want to know who my blogging heroines are?

quite a few, actually, but i’ll be brutal and limit them to seven. one of the criteria i used was that they had to have been blogging for at least six months, otherwise i would have also included … oh, never mind, i did say i’d be brutal.

so without further kazoo, here they are:

  • glenda from do it myself blog. i already mentioned her yesterday. she cruises america in her red car promoting her book – oh, and she has cerebral palsy. (looks like someone beat me to it – she’s already on the list)
  • vivien from inspirationbit. this woman has real depth and goes far beyond geekery. look, now she’s added a weekly book review
  • how about nickie from nickie’s nook? this amazing young woman is studying to be a social worker. she’s just written a book. her dog julio helps her write her blog. she is blind and has RSD, an agonizing chronic pain condition. never mind. she write good blog.
  • nancy writes about social media with a real social conscience and a real brain. she’s engaged, fun, inventive, and knows what she’s talking about.
  • captain lifecruiser – just met this woman. hats off to her for her very creative ways of making her blog work
  • belledame222 of fetch me my axe. she talks politics and LGBT stuff (“LGBTIQSGLGQ RUQT?” among other things) and declares her interests as “ruminating, speculating, pontificating, luxuriating, eviscerating. and cheese”
  • and then finally there is kathy sierra, the ultimate wise geek. yes, i know she doesn’t blog right now. i hope she’s recovered from the trauma created by the online death threats against her. whatever the case may be – the fact that she hasn’t been blogging for half a year or so doesn’t take away from the profound insights she has on anything from customer service to neuroscience.

hmmm … the common thread here seems to be women who go beyond: beyond disability, beyond geek, beyond blogging, beyond gender.

vivien, glenda, nickie, nancy, captain lifecruiser, belledame222 and, i guess, also kathy (can you hear me?) – if you know anyone who in your eyes deserves to be called an “outstanding woman blogger” – please feel free to continue this discussion.

and, my gentle reader, if you know anyone who deserves this moniker, let me know!

isabella mori
counselling in vancouver

oh, and here are the 124 blogs on this list so far:

45 Things by Anita Bruzzese
A Look at Art & Design: Lisa Mikulski still a great pair of legs Angie McKaig by Anja Merret
Ask Dr. Kirk The Artsy Asylum by Susan Reynolds
Back in Skinny Jeans by Stephanie Quilao
Balanced Life Center-Spirituality applied to Life by Nneka
be Conscious now by Kara-Leah Masina
BlogWrite for CEOs Debbie Weil
Biz Growth News by Krishna De
Brain Based Biz by Dr. Robyn McMaster
Brain Based Business by Dr. Ellen Weber
Brand Sizzle Anne Simons
Branding & Marketing Chris Brown
Brazen Careerist by Penelope Trunk
Build a Solo Practice, LLC by Susan Cartier Liebel
Change Therapy by Isabella Mori
Christine Kane by Christine Kane
CK’s Blog CK (Christina Kerley)
Colloquium by JHSEsq
Cocktail Party Physics by Jennifer Ouiellette
Communication Overtones Kami Huyse
Confessions of a Pioneer Woman by Ree
Confident Writing by Joanna Young
Conscious Business by Anne Libby
Conversation Agent Valeria Maltoni
Corporate PR Elizabeth Albrycht
Creating Passionate Users
by Kathy Sierra
Customers Are Always by Maria Palma
Customers Rock! Becky Carroll
CustServ by Meikah David
Creative Curio by Lauren Marie
Debbie Millman by Debbie Millman
Deborah Schultz by Deborah Schultz
Defining Spiritual Presence by Greenwoman
Designers Who Blog by Cat Morley
Design Your Life Ellen and Julia Lupton, identical twins
Design Your Writing Life by Lisa Gates
Diary of Claudine Hellmuth Claudine Hellmuth
Diva Marketing Blog Toby Bloomberg
Do It Myself Blog by Glenda Watson Hyatt
Dooce by Heather B. Armstrong by Edith Yeung
Email Marketing Best Practices Tamara Gielen
Emily Chang – Strategic Designer Emily Chang
Emily in France Emily
Enter the Laughter by Marti Lawrence
Escape Blog by Melissa Petri
Escape from Cubicle Nation by Pamela Slim
eSoup by Sharon Sarmiento
Essential Keystrokes by Char
Every Dot Connects by Connie Reece
Fetch Me My Axe
Fish Creek House
by GP
Flooring The Consumer CB Whittemore
Forrester’s Marketing Blog Shar, Charlene, Chloe, Christine Elana, Laura and Lisa
Forward Steps by Thea Westra
Franke James by Franke James
Onfac Blog by Nancy of Full Circle Associates
Get Fresh Minds by Katie Konrath
GGs Swedish WOTD by GG
Giardino del Piacere by Ceeci
Great Presentations Mean Business by Laura Athavale Fitton
Hey Marci by Marci Alboher
Get Shouty by Katie Chatfield
Goodness Gracious by Jennifer
Holly’s Corner Blog by Holly Schwendiman
ifelse by Phu Ly
Illustration Friday Penelope Dullaghan
Inspirationbit by Vivien
Inspired Business Growth by Wendy Piersall
J.T. O’Donnell Career Insights by J.T. O’Donnell
Joyful, Jubilant Learning by Rosa Say
Kinetic Ideas Wendy Maynard
Learned on Women by Andrea Learned
Lindsay Pollak by Lindsay Polla
Live the Power by Karen Lynch
Liz Strauss at Successful Blog by Liz Strauss
Lorelle on WordPress by Lorelle VanFossen
Making Life Work for You by April Groves
Manage to Change by Ann Michael
Management Craft by Lisa Haneberg
Mandarin Design Daily:The MEG Blog Michelle Goodrich
Marketing Roadmaps Susan Getgood
Moda di Magno by Lori Magno
Modite by Rebecca Thorman Molly E. Holzschlag
My Secret Spiritual Dance by Pamm
Narrat Assets Karen Hegman
Netdiver Carole Guevin
Nickie’s Nook by Nickie
On My Desk Linzie Hunter
one coloured world Anjolie
Pass the Torch by Kelly Curtis
Peace Love Harmony by Kirsten Harrell
Presto Vivace Blog Alice Marshall
Priscilla Palmer: Personal Development Demands Success by Priscilla Palmer
Productivity Goal by Carolyn Manning
Purse Lip Square Jaw Anne Galloway
Small Biz Survival by Becky McCray
Small Failures: Sustainability for the Rest of Us Jess Sand
swissmiss Tina Roth Eisenberg
The Brand Dame by Lyn Chamberlin
this is Rachel Andrew
Sheriar Designs Mani Sheriar
Spare Change Nedra Kline Weinreich
Talk It Up Heidi Miller
Tech Kitten by Trisha Miller
The copy Writing Maven Roberta Rosenberg
The Blog Angel by Claire Raikes
The Engaging Brand by Anna Farmery
The Floozy Blog by Kate Coote
The Kiss Business Too by Karin H.
The Origin of Brands Laura Ries
The Parody by Sasha Manuel
The Podcast Sisters by Krishna De, Anna Farmery and Heather Gorringe
Veerle’s blog 2.0 VeerleVersa Creations by Vivienne
Water Cooler Wisdom by Alexandra Levit
Wealth Strategy Secrets by Nicola Cairncross
What’s Next Blog B L Ochman
That’s What She Said by Julie Elgar
Ypulse by Anastasia Goodstein
Zenslaw by KT

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