quickie: i need your opinion!

votingi’m going to be in the may 2008 bloghology.  bloghology is “a collection of bloggers and their masterpieces blended as a monthly ezine.”
one of the things i’ve been asked for this bloghology entry is, “what are your 5 best blog posts?”

now i have an opinion on this but really, your opinion, dear readers, counts for more.

so could you tell me please – what do you think is/are my best blog post(s)?

you can leave your vote here or anywhere else on this blog.  and i don’t require you to crawl through the whole blog figuring out the URL – if you say somethig like, “you know, the one where you talk about dr. seuss”, i’ll do the detective work.

thanks so much!

oh, and if you’re a blogger yourself and would like to be part of a future bloghology, just get in touch with mert!

 image by amypritchizzle (what a cool name!)

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