social media mega project wrapup: twitter

robert scoble's twitter shirt imagetwo months ago, vivien at inspirationbit started the social media mega project. we are trying to create a place where all the social media wisdom is gathered together.

my job was to gather blog posts on twitter.

there are two social media tools that i feel quite passionate about. stumbleupon is one of them; the other is twitter. on twitter, i stay in contact with interesting people, with a mix of casual, funny, friendly, just-in-time and informative little tidbits. yes, no update can be over 140 characters. (great for haikus, by the way!)

here are the submissions:

my partner carol over at alphablogs posted lee lefevre’s great video on twitter. what a fun and simple intro to twitter!

epiblogger gives a cross-section of what “tweets” look like.

my blogger friend karen talks about why twitter may not be for everyone. for some people, those 140 characters are just too short.

glenda, one of my twitter buddies (remember her? she’s the misbehaving woman) thinks twitter is much more than instant messaging. it’s about building community.

simon on yeepage has a mini-series on twitter. if lee lefevre’s explanation is a bit too short for you and you want to see everything written down step-by-step, that’s the place for you to go.

another submission was by gregg – this one is interesting because it’s written on yet another microblog, tumblr.

sameer has written tons of posts on twitter. i like the one about twitter stats – partly because i’m a bit of a stats nut myself, and partly because it shows an example of the myriads of applications that have sprung up around twitter.

so that’s it for the submissions. i would have thought there’d be more (i’ve participated in group writing projects that had 100+ submissions) – if you’re interested in my thoughts on why that didn’t happen, check here on the other blog i write for, alphablogs.

other than that, i just couldn’t help it, i had to look around for a few more posts that talk about twitter (btw, technorati shows 16,000+ tags for twitter, and a google blog search returns over 3 million hits). here they are:

(btw, the other participants in this project are – for aaron stroud from on financial success; for facebook: ina from inspiring wear; for flickr & zooomr: brian auer from epic edits; for stumbleupon, youtube, myspace: karen zara from a1-fan-fun; for sphinn. simonne from all tips and tricks; for second life: dandellion from metaverse; for mixx, netscape, squidoo: pearl from fresh perspectives; for sk*rt, blogging zoom, bvibes: jhs from colloquium; for digg, reddit: vivien at inspirationbit; and for technorati: monica at me like the interweb.)

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