phew! our brains don’t think coca-cola is our friend

Brain Scanning Technology Reveals How We Process Brands And Products In a groundbreaking new study, researchers from the University of Michigan and Harvard University use cutting edge brain scanning technology to explore how different regions of the brain are activated when we think about certain qualities of brands and products. The study, forthcoming in the… Continue reading phew! our brains don’t think coca-cola is our friend

how judgment affects memory

from medicalnewstoday: Viewing a person as dishonest or immoral can distort memory, a Cornell study suggests. So much so, that when we attempt to recall that person’s behavior, it seems to be worse than it really was. “In other words, our study shows that morally blaming a person can distort memory for the severity of… Continue reading how judgment affects memory

the therapist as a person – pt 3

this is a continuation from the entry of february 27, about the inner lives of therapists, and some of their motivations and personal styles: What follows are four short vignettes of roles therapists might take on as a result of these (usually unexamined) personal and social influences. These vignettes I have compiled from a rather… Continue reading the therapist as a person – pt 3

fractals, chaos and psychotherapy

fractals, like the one here, and one of its associated disciplines, chaos theory, have long fascinated me. according to wikipedia Fractals can be most simply defined as images that can be divided into parts, each of which is similar to the original object. Fractals are said to possess infinite detail. fractals in an of themselves… Continue reading fractals, chaos and psychotherapy

virtual reality

this is what brought me today: Psychologists at the University of Liverpool have found that people still find it difficult to understand how mirrors work. Dr Marco Bertamini, from the University’s School of Psychology, conducted a number of experiments by covering a mirror on a wall and inviting participants to walk along a line… Continue reading virtual reality