tracing depression

what is depression? sometimes tracing the various meanings of words can help in understanding the concept or experience for which the word stands. a while ago i spent a few hours trying to pin down when the word “depression” was first used. it looks like henry maudsley, a british physician (there were no psychologists before… Continue reading tracing depression

mental illness, mental health, mental wellness

the public health agency of canada has a site on mental health – or mental illness, if you prefer that term. the definition is: Mental illnesses are characterized by alterations in thinking, mood or behaviour (or some combination thereof) associated with significant distress and impaired functioning over an extended period of time. The symptoms of… Continue reading mental illness, mental health, mental wellness

anorexia and the naked body

yesterday, at a lovely meeting of the vancouver chapter of valley women’s network, i met laara atley, originally from finland, the land of saunas. we were talking about body image, plastic surgery and the like when laara made the very valid comment that people who were brought up in a culture where nakedness is normal… Continue reading anorexia and the naked body

psychiatric medication and diagnoses, working hand in hand

Many Authors Of Mental Health Diagnosis Guidelines Have Financial Ties To Drug Makers, Study Says The majority of psychiatrists who worked on the most recent edition of the American Psychiatric Association’s widely influential diagnostic manual had financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry before, during or after the manual was published. more … are we surprised?… Continue reading psychiatric medication and diagnoses, working hand in hand

the psychology of cyberspace

john suler of rider university on the psychology of cyberspace, with titallating topics like cyberspace as psychological space cyberspace as dream world bringing online and offline living together and of course it includes a (large!) section on online therapy. in the myths of online therapy, there are two interesting comments: Many sexual abuse survivors report

mood tracking software

medicalnews tells us today Dutch researcher Maarten de Rijke and his co-workers Gilad Mishne and Krisztian Balog have developed a new programme that can trace and explain significant changes in mood patterns on the Internet. MoodViews is a collection of instruments that maps the mood of bloggers as they write their message. this is the… Continue reading mood tracking software

and now for these therapists: plato, st. augustine, darwin, freud

i wrote this some years ago, trying to elucidate how some of the fathers and grandfathers of psychology would look at contemporary problems: after a stormy, decade long marriage, JU and his wife separated after she found out that he had sexually abused their two sons. JU explained he was “sexually educating them”. there was… Continue reading and now for these therapists: plato, st. augustine, darwin, freud