napowrimo, day 13: trying to write a poem

turquoise alabaster veins
run through a bright forest of rocks
somewhere in a corner of my
the cat makes cracking noises as she eats her food,
the daughter clicks and clickclickclicks the mouse,
and somewhere over in a corner of my
there sits a little treasure that i want to catch.
the phone rings.
my roommate laughs.
somewhere way back in a corner of my
i try to fix that glimmer of a dream,
its sparkly colours, quiet sounds,
the mossy smells that come – i think, do they? –
from little cracks made by old, gnarly roots – –
and crash! a plate falls from the kitchen counter.
the dog barks. “mom, can i have twenty bucks?”
those turquoise alabaster veins
fade more and more.
but i know they’re not gone.
tomorrow maybe, or another year.
they’re safely stored away.

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