carnival of eating disorders #14 – part 2

this is part 2 of the 14th carnival of eating disorders. part 1 contained posts about anorexia, bulima and general eating disorder topics. part 2 features articles on obesity and overeating and also has a list of further posts that were submitted to this carnival.

GNIF brain blogger discusses two new research studies on the link between obesity and sleep:

in one trial, children who slept less than 9 hours per night were three times as likely to be overweight, independent of their level of physical activity. children with shorter sleep duration were also more likely to be emotionally labile than children who slept longer.a second study looked at sleep patterns in adult patients with chronic medical conditions. those who got less than 7 hours of sleep per night were more likely to be obese than those who slept more. in women, sleep that was too short or too long were both linked to obesity.

usually i don’t like to talk too much about diets here but i think this article throws an interesting light. in does the switch diet work long-term? james brausch points to something that’s important in any long-lasting behaviour change: self-exploration.

the trick was simply to switch diets every week. that kept me from ever getting tired of a particular diet. it also ensured that i was receiving proper nutrition by having a wide variety of different diets. it also ensured maximum rapid weight loss by confusing my body with a different eating plan every week.

most of all, i could find out exactly what worked for my body by looking at the results for each week. i discovered that my biggest eating plan problems were in the areas of sugars and grains. my weight problem is probably due to being pre-diabetic (never diagnosed, but it is apparent that an insulin imbalance and the inability to properly process simple carbohydrates is my big weak point).

it is hard to discover these kinds of things if you don’t test. testing is the process of trying a bunch of different things to see what works.

other articles submitted for this carnival include

that concludes this edition of the carnival of eating disorders. if you have or know of an interesting article on eating disorders, please send it in, using this submission form.

come back for the next edition, to be featured here on march 31, 2008!

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