obesity molecule

the search to understand and perhaps even find a cure for obesity is going strong. four weeks ago, i reported on the obesity virus. while research on it is promising, it does not look like there is going to be a treatment for it any time soon.

now something else has been found – boc5, a molecule which could lead to a drug to fight diabetes and obesity.

university of california, riverside assistant professor of bioengineering, jiayu liao, and a team of scientists from the chinese academy of science in shanghai discovered this small molecule that seems to control diabetes in mice and may herald treatment for adult-onset diabetes. in mice, the molecule stimulated insulin function, lowered appetite and reduced body weight by 20 percent.

the question is to what degree it will deal with weight problems among humans? for sure, part of the cause of obesity may be purely physical: a genetic predisposition, perhaps, or a virus like the one just mentioned.

for many people, however, chronic and severe obesity also has psychological origins. suppressing and blocking feelings, inability to deal with stress, and childhood trauma are a few of the reasons why people escape into the comfort of food. whether boc5 will help with that remains to be seen.

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